43. The first post of someone of my age.

Introduced to developing at a very age of 6 or 7 as my father had processed film and prints as a young adult before moving into the television industry. I used to contact print old family negs on my fathers garage floor. Before I took over the garden shed as a night time darkroom. Bought my first enlarger, Durst M670 colour when I was 13, still have and frequently use it. Cost me 18months of paper boy wages. Bought my first new camera an Olympus XA a year later. Still have this too!

Photgraphy has been my hobby all my life, and taking pictures has been my means of making new material for the darkroom.

I dabbled in digital for 5 years from about 2001 to 2006 before deciding I spend enough time I from of a computer at work, I don't need to spend more time at home in front of one. Lucky enough to have a darkroom with plumbing and running water which I have only had for last 6 years. Prior to this all my water was brought into the darkroom via buckets, and went out the same way.

More recently moving into reversal and processing of cinefilm. Love it.