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Jon's business is his business but as we are discussing it here I frankly state I don't see where would the problem be.

If I sell oranges and orange juice, and somebody else buys my oranges to make his own orange juice to sell, that's fine for me.
If I buy your oranges and use them to make watered-down orange juice, and my label says, "Made with Fabrizio's oranges", would you still be okay with it?

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I see, on the contrary, as an unfair business practice to restrict sale to a client who is going to perform a productive step from semifinished good to finished good. We should ask how would we feel if Ikea didn't sell furniture to us only because we mount it instead of the final client. And as a final client I ask if it is legal that the sale of a semifinished product is negated to a competitor because the seller of the semifinished product also sells the finished product. Can the seller select his buyers? (in many jurisdictions he cannot. Don't know about the US. But if we talk ethics, well, in my ethic jurisdiction nobody can negate business to anybody who agrees to his terms).
As long as a vendor doesn't commit an act of discrimination as defined by law, he absolutely does have the right to choose his buyers, at least here in the USA. And if a particular buyer is violating the vendor's copyright by adulterating the instruction sheet, regardless of his reasons, blocking them may be a good business decision.