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However Thomas, I don't agree with your take on this. The coordination of visual elements is a combination of framing, flow of time and the moment you press the shutter. You don't have to physically move things around. That sounds a bit like Photoshop.
From Merriam-Webster Online:


transitive verb
: to put in the same order or rank

: to bring into a common action, movement, or condition :harmonize <we need to coordinate our schedules>

: to attach so as to form a coordination complex

intransitive verb
: to be or become coordinate especially so as to act together in a smooth concerted way

: to combine by means of a coordinate bond

I think the word coordinate can be interpreted many ways, and I was reading too much into my understanding of the word, which to me means 'to move things around so to align with other things'. It's how I have always understood the word 'coordinate'.

Stretching my imagination I suppose one could coordinate by perhaps placing a certain level of importance on objects in front of a camera, and record them with a photograph when they align favorably.
Is that actually a true meaning of the word? To coordinate by waiting for others to align how you wish them to?