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From Merriam-Webster Online:


transitive verb
: to put in the same order or rank

: to bring into a common action, movement, or condition :harmonize <we need to coordinate our schedules>

: to attach so as to form a coordination complex

intransitive verb
: to be or become coordinate especially so as to act together in a smooth concerted way

: to combine by means of a coordinate bond

I think the word coordinate can be interpreted many ways, and I was reading too much into my understanding of the word, which to me means 'to move things around so to align with other things'. It's how I have always understood the word 'coordinate'.

Stretching my imagination I suppose one could coordinate by perhaps placing a certain level of importance on objects in front of a camera, and record them with a photograph when they align favorably.
Is that actually a true meaning of the word? To coordinate by waiting for others to align how you wish them to?
The French definition and translation into English may be slightly different. It would be interesting to hear from French speakers about this quote.