So I just got a Minolta Flash Meter IV from KEH. It seemed to work fine and I played around with it for ten minutes or so. It then went into sleep mode and I couldn't get it to wake up! No amount of pushing the "on" button would rouse it, and removing the battery didn't help either. (I don't have the LR44 battery in there as that's just for the optional IR doohicky. Just the AA battery. I did put in an LR44 to see if that made a difference, but it doesn't).

I then realized that if I keep the battery out for an extended period of time, the unit will work again. It resets to the factory defaults (ISO 64 etc) but continues to function until it goes into sleep mode. If it goes to sleep and I hit the on button immediately, it wakes up. But if it sits for even a few seconds, it's dead.

Is there something about this meter's operation that I'm missing? Or it merely a bad meter in need of a replacement? Thanks.