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Don't get me wrong, I love Cartier-Bresson, and I have the utmost respect for your words and contributions, Vaughn. But how does one 'coordinate' visual elements? Unless you actually reach out and physically move things around, you have no control of how things are coordinated; they happen the way they happen because X amount of people, animals, and other objects decide to move based on their intention and forces of nature. The photographer is not in control of anything other than the shutter and where to aim the lens. I really love how Jay Maisel calls it 'framing' instead of composition.
Couldnt disagree more. That's what we do is manipulate the visual elements.

I think all he's talking about is knowing how to place yourself so those elements are in their "best" possible place/location.

In other words framing the shot, which we all know can make or break a picture by position, lens choice, and angle of the dangle.

In some cases in street photography, place yourself, then let the action come to you. In other cases when walking around sometimes, the simple act of crouching down can give you the shot/impact.