I squirmed and cringed in my chair, what with letter rank beginners who have never seen a studio set up, much less wrangle a Hasselblad H2 and come up with images to impress upon a professional curator (Centre for Contemporary Photography). That said, each individual came up with credible images given their very basic skill set. Adjusting lighting was painfully drawn out: given it is all digital, lighting is often tested via LiveView. This did not occur to the photographers, but they did see how lighting set up came out after the image capture, and learned a bit from that. I quite liked the images of Dick Smith and Vince Colissimo. If they had, say, 10 years' experience as photographers, the results would have shown an exponential increase in punch and pizazz, additional to speed, composure and improving with camera handling (they were all pretty jittery and nervous). As it went, it's all good, but still bizarre throwing them in at the deep end and expecting to come up with the goods. A credit to them that they did with persistence and consideration of process.