Did anyone else watch ABC's odd competitive photography show last night (Thursday)?

I know the aspirants used digital cameras so it may be out of bounds on this forum but it's still photography.

I did feel a little sympathy for the 3 contestants; they were presented with high end (is there any other sort?) Hasselblad cameras which were tethered to Macs, a studio, a very full complement of lights and a subject each to make a portrait.

Would it not be more friendly to allow them to use the camera with which they were most at home and as we all know becomes second nature to use well?

One of the subjects was Dick Smith whose opening words were that Harold Cazneaux was his grandfather. Smith at one point attempted to assist the poor soul with his struggles to master the Hasselblad.

Maybe when they set up a future landscape or architectural episode they will give the DSLR experienced contestants that Linhof that appears in the promo. I'd enjoy that.