I have commented on a few forums, so I will do a bit of a cut and paste (just a note, this reply is in response to quite a few who thought the show and contestants were poor - there is certainly a lot of "Pffft, should have chosen me, I'm much better" type comments on the net as well as a lot of people suggesting it lacked technical info):

I rather enjoyed it.
I think a lot of people are missing the point, though.

It wasn't about techniques or equipment, it was about Simplicity and connections – heck, even Heery talked about it at the beginning.

It was about photographer connecting with subject. Once they connected, the images came. As long as the setup was sufficient and the basics were covered, it was good enough.

I agree with the winning scene and photographer, but I would have chosen another shot – but hey, she didn't and it worked anyway.
Considering how much out of their depth both the guy from Adelaide and the Mum from the Central Coast were, I thought they did a stand up job in the end. As I said above, a lot of it came down to how they dealt with the subjects.