Hi all,
After a rebuild of my darkroom where I didn't really finish that last 5 percent, an overload of work and some sad family events, I think I am ready to try to get back into analog. It was actually when I framed a portrait of my father for his funeral this monday that I realized how much I missed this kind of work. I had taken the picture with the old Mamiya 645, that I don't have any more. The picture had some soft light that I like because I took it under a tarp at our boat during a winter.

We have moved houses, so I don't have a darkroom yet. But I have plenty of space to set one up in the basement. The new house even have a real studio built by an artist 1950, with a large window facing north. So portraits feels like number one on the project list. My 12 year old daughter is also really keen on trying something beyond Instagram.

So, now I have do decide what camera to use. The 4x5 + funky lens and enlarge. Some old 4x5 bw polaroid? 6x6 with the Rolleiflex? The 8x10 + Petzval and contacts? Or some alternative process with the 8x10? Holga? Leica?

I have plenty of paper, will probably need to renew the film and chemicals.

Or maybe I should go backwards when I decide. Ikea-frame, image size, paper, process, camera. When deciding what to do. Why a project you won't frame, right?

When I think about it, I should try something simple. Probably time to waste those polaroids.

So, in a way it is a sad return. But I have really missed photography for a couple of years.