No I haven't tried that film yet, although I have heard positive reports on it. What do you rate that film at? How well does the Efke film respond to expansion? How many zones of expansion can you get before the base fog starts building? From what I hear the Efke and Classic films have more of the characteristics of the older Super XX emulsion. John at J&C said that most folks rate the Classic 200 at 80. From what I understand the 400 is nearer a TriX emulsion.

Sandy King responded to a post of mine on another forum this morning and indicated that he will be doing testing of his Pyrocat HD on the Classic 200 soon and possibly the results will be in when I get back from Colorado in a couple of weeks. I do like the Pyrocat over ABC at this point in my experience with the two developers. ABC is a good developer without a doubt but Pyrocat is equally as good with the exception of a longer developing time. The cost is less then ABC.