Please click on my name and go back to my post from 7/7/09. You'll see more information on this situation.

Inferior? Good grief...everything is an imitation. Would you rather have a real parachute or one sewn together from old pantyhose and old dishtowels? Would you rather have a surgeon who had actually gone to school and graduated and become licensed or one who had simply watched a few episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and decided it looked like fun to cut people open? Even my eBay ID was imitated for a while. I'd say it is 100% inferior. You definitely won't get the same quality of foam, the same precisely cut strips, the same bamboo tool and you'd better not be still getting my instructions. If somebody had been buying my material and improving it, I'd not been upset. However that was not the case at all.

Driving the latest Cadillac? No. I have a tired 14+ year old Chevrolet which is hard to start, rattles a lot and gets low gas mileage. But the brakes are good and the A/C does a fair job.