Roger - if you follow the batch codes, Kodak has run quite a bit of both TMY400 and TMX100 in the
past two years, but they now only routinely package the 4x5 sheets. Anything else is a custom cut
based on a min order. The 400 speed film is in fairly high demand, but I'm not sure who's ordering
those big batches of 100 TMax - it might have specific scientific or technical applications. It's a great color separation film, and that's why I use it for, not for general shooting. I'm sure glad my freezer is full, because some of this film has already tripled in price from what I paid. But Kodak and
Fuji are the only sources for color sheet film. With black and white, plenty of viable options out there. The future of Tri-X sheet film might be dicey. I was never fond of it, but lot's of other folks
have done wonderful things with it.