Well, after a few days hiatus from a computer (in order to go to Connecticut to visit my 90 year old father for Fathers' Day) I must say without equivocation that I am rather impressed with the (almost) obsession with film.

And I am also pleased with the number of people at, or younger than, that critical age of 30-35. There really is something about analog that keeps one's interest. I consider it to be an undefined intimacy and understandability. Even though I do commit sacrilege by stating the treachery that, in theory, digital is superior in concept, I also state, just as vehemently, that the utter simplicity of the chemical process and the state of art of film technology today almost forces one, an objective, fair one, to venture into analog.

We will see as the years pass what actually happens, but I do believe that in my lifetime I will never be without materials to process film. And I do hope to reach 100 with ease. - David Lyga