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I tend to stick to smaller sizes -- 8x8 inch images on 9.5x12 paper is my most common, and that's with MF film. 35mm I tend to stick to smaller papers sizes like 8x10. Part of it's practical -- I'm far from being an advanced printer in the darkroom, so I still feel I'm in learning mode, and that it's more cost-effective to work with smaller sizes. Also, as I often have to work in community darkrooms, it's usually best to stick to papers that can easily fit in 11x14 inch trays (or smaller in many cases). Aesthetically though, I prefer smaller prints anyway -- I like getting up close and personal with prints (mine or others) and I can't really do that with larger sizes.
I think it was 1989 when I saw a huge Ansel Adams exhibition in London at te Barbican, some prints were quite large. In the bar gallery there were small jewel like Kertesz prints they had an intimacy and also intensity. These were original contemporary prints not those made many years later and printed larger which looked terrible in comparison.