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I was lucky to have the entire library of Life magazines at my fingertips in 9th grade. I spent many lunch hours with a year or two's worth at a time, sometimes I would just stay there in the stacks looking through them.

I'd say the next best thing is/was Popular Mechanics
Oh yeah! We subscribed to LIFE, and Nat Geo, when I was a kid. Read them both, every issue, cover to cover. Popular Mechanics, I'd get handed down from my cousin. I always wanted one of those ram jet engines advertised in the back pages. Fortunately my parents were smarter than that. However, they were not quite smart enough to deny the request for the Big Bang Canon. How loud can it really be, said Dad.

Loud enough that an eight year old boy couldn't find where he left it, after firing it off for a couple of hours one day shortly after it arrived. Never did find the darn thing....