Well someone has enquired about my Soho Reflex 7 years after posting this. So I thought I would post an update on my photographic circumstances.

I have now retired and joined a Camera Club. I am now 'into' Large format photography and my camera collection has increased slightly. I stil have a digital camera that I use for snaps. Large format includes a Soho reflex (not working) I have a 5 x 4 Wista Field camera, a 5 x 4 Gandolfi traditional (aka Precision) a 5 x 4 Toyo field rather worn. (I will get around to using it one day!). And a Horseman 5 x 4 monorail just obtained. However pride and joy at the moment is an early Deardorf V8 10 x 8 I like using the Deardorf and I like the increased size of the 10 x 8 format. I process using a Jobo cpp 4111 that I obtained as a freebie and have restored (just a clean up really), or a Paterson Orbital. I have a Devere 504 enlarger that I will use as soon as I can clear a space in my flat for a darkroom. At present I am scanning my negatives and producing injet prints and have won a few competitions at the camera club.

That's all I can think of now, sorry to resurrect a very old thread...


John Wills