Pyrocat HD will be the next thing I try. I rate both JandC Classic 200 and Efke PL100 at 50. I'll bet once you try Efke you'll never go back.

You can get at least N+3 with PL100 before the highlights plug and fog buildup becomes a problem. With JandC I find the shoulder really flattens out at N+2 which is the absolute maximum I can get out of it.

I like JandC a lot, but I like Efke so much more that it's now all I buy from 120 rollfilm right on up through 8 x 10. I don't know about availability in larger sizes.

I like ABC a lot, too. Maybe I'll have the same epiphany with Pyrocat that I did with the film.

Everything else being equal, JandC fogs a lot more in ABC that Efke 100 does.