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polyglot: I spoke with them today and they're happy to replace it. Already have another one on the way. Should be the end of the story (cross fingers).

CGW: The 558 is a little more than I want to pay at the moment. I've got a Minolta Flash Meter III that works just fine, except a slider has come off and changing between ambient and flash requires a sharp object! But it hasn't given me problems. Was hoping the "upgrade" would be just as good. Hopefully I find a dry one. Thanks.
Minolta cranked out piles of IVs, so many that I think there was a problem with sample variation(poor QC?)--some good, some not. The older models--the Flashmeter III and IV--may have been better.

I confess to being a Sekonic fan. Have never had any problems with them--ever, even on "experienced" used meters. If $ is tight, the 328 is usually affordable. The 308 is newer and a gem--flash(cord+cordless),incident, and reflected in a pocket-size meter. If you want all this and spot metering, the 508 is a bit more but not outrageously priced used now.