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Thanks for the replies.....

Ben, thank you for your opinion AND advice. I have been reading all I can get ahold of on the proper use of spot meter and how to use it to measure highlights and shadows. I have the concept down, now I am ready to go and try it out. Oh, I need to get the spot meter attachment too, but think I will try it out first just as the meter sits so I can then judge the results of spot meter later.

Lee, not sure what the instruction manual for the attachment says on usage, haven't got that far on the Sekonic website. I do seem to read the manual for the 358 about once a month.....so check their website and see if there is any help there.

I also thought about the 5 degree attachment, but found from reading that for 99.9% of the time, the 1 degree finder was the way to go.

Bob E.
I agree, I can't see any reason if you have the 1 degree attachment why you would need the 5 or 10 degree one.