I have had all my large trays welded using a hard plastic, handles on each tray as well.
I own the commercial white plastic trays , but these custom trays are much better IMO.
Look for someone who can weld plastic then is just a matter of giving them your design, I am sure they will be cheaper than commercial trays and made to your specs.
I have made my trays three inch deep and find it a good depth, also handles on one side for lifting and agitating.. I find this very nice feature..
Also I have one very large tray that I have drilled holes in the bottom and use as a wash tray.. with plastic gloves inserted into the holes I can adjust the water depth.
These large trays are very robust and when not in use I turn them upside down and put my smaller trays on top when working with small prints.

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thanks - I will look - but there's no local stores on what you mention..... Looking wider I think..