Well...I'll jump in and be the first to say that I use the Instax system and I really enjoy it. It is fun at parties and such. It's just fun to use integral instant film and watch a print appear before your eyes. The Instax mini (I have both) is not really worth it in my opinion. With the film cost being so close, it's so much more worth it for the regular wide format Instax. It would be cool to see an SX-70 or SLR600 type of camera for this film but I can't complain about the Instax camera. It's large and it is fun because it is that large. It's enjoyable to handle. The only thing that I would really, really like to see is Black and White Instax film. That would be really awesome. The only things I wish the cameras had is a tripod mount, a self timer, and a way to shut the flash off. Nonetheless, they are quite fun and the image quality is surprisingly great.