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Hi all
I have found that Lupus Imaging still stock AGFA Scala 200x.
Here is the link: http://www.lupus-shop.de/-35/-34/-67...65e97c83202d78
I thought this was discontinued and the processing was not available.
The proprietary process is not available, but it works as a great punchy neg film, or it can be reversal processed using processes other than the Scala one. It can also be made to have somewhat normal contrast by overexposing and using highly diluted developer.

As a neg, I overexpose two stops and develop for 5-8 minutes in HC-110 dilution H for normal contrast. Or I rate at 200 and develop 5-8 minutes in HC-110 dilution B for high contrast.

I like it, but I would never pay a premium for it considering the options out there in terms of fresh films.