I remember the first time I met you Michael, I envisioned you to be a lot smaller than you actually are.
I can see how you were a bouncer at some time in your past.
Its nice seeing you post here now.

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As for the "decisive moment", I've seem lots of great photographers miss the moment. Often by tenths of seconds.

I've seen portrait photographers that missed the magic in a smile because they got it after it peaked. It was on the downside. The sparkle
left the eyes. Tenth or maybe hundred of a second, but they missed it.

I would bet in street photography having the second sense of when the magic will occur is a practiced thing as well as a innate thing. HCB obviously had it.

For two years I worked as a bouncer in a bar. I could watch people and know exactly when to step in just before it got ugly. You can feel it. Body language, can tell you everything.

I'd bet in street photography you develop a second sense on when something will happen and you just position yourself for that event, AS WELL as when the street itself and your location has good composition.