If the current exposure is short then whatever fstop on the enlarger you are using, try going down by at least one maybe two stops. If the print size is say 5x7 then use a series of exposures starting at maybe 3 secs and increase each strip by say 2 secs. This won't give you equal steps. Ideally you should increase the times using fractions of stops with 3 secs as your base but I have no idea what you are using as a timer nor how familiar you are with fstop timing.

Kentmere paper is nearly twice as fast as say Ilford so 6 secs exposure with Ilford MGIV paper will be only 3 sec on Kentmere but the developing time remains the same. You compensate with reduced exposure NOT reduced developing time.

You may understand this and I am not trying to insult your intelligence but I had the impression that you may think the faster paper needs compensation by a reduction in developing time. This is not the case.

Good luck