I am a fan of Minolta meters but I must say I do have some problems with them. I got hooked on meter when I bought the flashmeter II. It's fine but I trade it in a couple of years later to get the flashmeter III. it too worked great no problem. I got the spotmeter m for spot and it's fine too. But I sold both of them when I got out of photography in late 80's.
I got a $2 garage sale spotmeter m and the display in the viewfinder doesn't work but otherwise is fine. I bought a flashmeter III on ebay and it's ok but sometimes it would give a low reading. Something has to do with how the trigger button is pushed. I got a brand new flashmeter VI and it's ok but I feel I have to push the on button a little long to have it turn on. quick push it doesn't turn on.