OK, Here I go,
I will probably get my wrist slaped for my odd way of doing things, but here it is: I now use Sand's SDE3008,usualy green sensitizing dye, as a green and red sensitizing dye. I have been doing this by adding an excess of dye as the last component of an emulsion befor washing, except for surfactant and crosslinker which I add later . I add the dye at 200mg./M of AgNO3. I add the dye, mix at 25C for 15 minutes. I then precipitate the emulsion with IPA, . Then wash with many changes of water. I always get a great deal of red color coming out in the first two or three washings.
I have made and washed a small batch of emulsion in the same way using pinacyanol chloride instead of SDA3008. I used the same concentration and procedure as befor. This time I see no color at all coming off of the emulsion. Not even in the first wash. The dye is added as a 1% solution in MeOH, Just like with the SDE 3008. But the pincyanol chloride solution in MeOH is deep blue, whereas the SDE3008 solution is red-magenta. Both emulsions end up as a bright lavender color.
My reason for evaluating the pinacyanol chloride is that it costs only $70/gram. The SDE3008 now costs $600/gram.
I have not poured any plates yet.
Any insights?