I have been shooting 6x9 on my fuji 690ii, it's been great but I can only print crops and not the full frame.

I currently have a lpl 670xl enlarger as well as the universal glass carrier. The glass is large enough to sit a 6x9 negative on perfectly but the adjustable cropping masks blocks out a large amount of negative. I know that the max stated size is 6x7 but there seems to be enough illumination to do 6x9 from the mixing chamber/diffusion box output opening size.

I remember someone in the past mentioning how to convert it for 6x9, but when I took it apart, there is no way without trimming the metal cropping vanes. Cutting the plastic stops only gains ~1mm of width and then you encounter sunk in metal screw posts. I need about 8mm on each side to have the metal vanes clear.

Is the only solution to build a custom carrier?

If anyone has solved this problem please let me know. Or has instructions or an example of a custom carrier for this enlarger. Thanks