Yes PE,
With the washed SDE3008 emulsion, shots of a Kodak Color Chart in daylight shows ballanced sensitivity to R,G&B. The reason That I wanted to try it this way, was to "optimize" the dye leval by it's bonding to the grain. Had I taken the other approach of carefuly increased aditions of dye to an unsensitized emulsion, my results would vary with every change in the flow of emulsification that affected grain size. This way, no matter the average grain size, there is a more or less constant leval of dye to Ag/halide. At least that was my way of thinking.
As I used an excess of SDE3008 ,prior to washing , it is no surprise to see red in the wash. What surprised me was the lack of color in the wash of emulsion sensitized with pinacyanol chloride.