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I guess i didnt' phrase the Q right- i was asking how many Nikon 35mm models were made? thx

From 1948-2012:

Nikkorex 35
Nikkorex 35-2
Nikkorex F
Nikon F Photomic
Nikkorex Zoom 35
Nikonos I
Nikon Auto 35/Nikkorex Auto 35
Nikon F Photomic T
Nikkormat FT
Nikkormat FS
Nikon F Photomic Tn
Nikkormat FTn
Nikon F Photomic FTn
Nikonos II
Nikon F2
Nikon F2 Photomic
Nikkormat EL
Nikon F2S
Nikkormat FT2
Nikonos III
Nikon F2SB
Nikkormat ELW
Nikon F2A
Nikon F2AS
Nikkormat FT3
Nikon FM
Nikon EL2
Nikon FE
Nikon EM
Nikon F2T
Nikon F3
Nikonos IV-A
Nikon FM2
Nikon F3HP
Nikon FG
Nikon FG-20
Nikon F3/T
Nikon FE2
Nikon FM2n
Nikonos V
Nikon F3AF
Nikon F3P
Nikon FA
Nikon L35AF/L35AD
Nikon L135AF
Nikon One Touch
Nikon N2000
Nikon N2020
Nikon Action Touch
Nikon Tele Touch
Nikon N4004
Nikon New One Touch
Nikon Fun Touch
Nikon Tele-Touch Deluxe
Nikon N8008
Nikon F4/F4s/F4E
Nikon N4004s
Nikon N6006/N6000
Nikon N8008s
Nikon N5005
Nikon One-Touch 100
Nikon Tele-Touch 300
Nikon Zoom-Touch 500
Nikon Zoom-Touch 400
Nikon Zoom-Touch 500s
Nikon One-Touch 200
Nikonos RS
Nikon Zoom-Touch 800
Nikon Smile Taker/Fun Touch 2
Nikon Sport-Touch
Nikon Zoom-Touch 600
Nikon N90
Nikon Zoom-Touch 470
Nikon Lite-Touch Panorama
Nikon Nice-Touch
Nikon N70
Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom
Nikon One-Touch 300
Nikon Fun-Touch 3
Nikon Zoom-Touch 105
Nikon FM2/T
Nikon N50
Nikon N90s
Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom 105
Nikon FM10
Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom 70
Nikon Nice-Touch Zoom
Nikon One-Touch Zoom
Nikon Nice-Touch 3
Nikon Fun-Touch 4
Nikon F5
Nikon Fun-Touch 5
Nikon Nice-Touch 4
Nikon FE10
Nikon One-Touch Zoom 70
Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom 110
Nikon N60
Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom 80
Nikon F100
Nikon N80
Nikon Fun Touch 6
Nikon Nice Touch 5
Nikon N65
Nikon N55
Nikon N75
Nikon S3 2000
Nikon F6
Nikon SP 2005

I may be missing some of the compacts, but that's what's been available in the states. I didn't include the NASA/Military variants of the F and F3 bodies, nor the high-speed cameras (five, two F, two F2, and one F3), as well as the F3 Limited, which is a rebadged F3P.