Hi. I stupidly sold my 150mm enlarging lens a few years ago (along with much of my 4x5 equipment - also stupidly) when I decided to work on 35mm for a while. Now I'm getting back into 4x5 enlarging and need a lens. Normally in LF I wouldn't bother quibbling about trivial differences between Rodenstock and Schneider, but here are a few interesting things:

Assume we're talking about new (ie unused) for now.

1. Helix Photo (Chicago) actually has a new 150mm/5.6 EL-Nikkor in inventory. It's about the same price as you'd pay for a new 150mm/5.6 Rodagon. Anyone think it would be worth getting the Nikkor? It's not an APO, but still, people always rave about their 6-element EL-Nikkors.

2. Helix Photo also has a new 150mm/5.6 Componon-S in inventory (older inventory) priced at $420, which is approximately $300 cheaper than you'd pay for the same lens at any other retailer (and $400 cheaper than a Rodagon). I called to ask why, and they said it was inventory that had been purchased before price increases. ?

So, it would seem I could get this particular Componon-S for virtually half the price of the Rodenstock equivalent. For some reason this makes me feel uneasy.

Alternatively, any point in going for the EL-Nikkor? Anything really special about it? Or will all three of these non-APO lenses (Componon-S, Rodagon, EL-Nikkor) be indistinguishable in performance?

For reference, 11x14 is pretty much the largest print I make from 4x5 negatives, so we're talking pretty low magnification.