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Actually, I rather like the fact that PL100 goes nuclear in pyro. A nice, dense, full scale negative can be had in about six minutes for an N scene, with very little fog. I have no problem with streaking or uneven development. If, however, any contraction at all is required, I use the 2:1:1:15 dilution. The regular dilution wouldn't even give me enough time to inspect or to react.
Aha.....perhaps the 2:1:1:15 is a better dilution for ABC. I know when I tried the 1:1:1:7 I got uneven developing. Mainly because getting the film out of the developing for inspection caused aerial oxidation. When I did it by time I had no problems, but I like inspecting the film in the last few minutes.

Don, if you try the J and C 400 film let me know what your times and rating are for pyrocat HD, I would love to have a 400 film for the 12x20 if it rates at 400, a 200 rating is only 2/3 faster than the PW film so is not worth the change for me.