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Do you collect Nikons?
No, just tend to overstudy something I'm interested in. Been that way since I was a little kid. Once I'm done, it's stored forever inside the brain. It's amazing how much useless bits of information have been saved by my brain. I really don't need to know the key code for my parents' 1981 Honda Accord that we sold in 1996, nor the VIN number for same.

The non-P&S gear was from memory, the P&S stuff, I did have to consult the Braczko book, The Complete Nikon System, for information. Some of his dates for P&S camera introduction were off, since I remembered stuff being introduced later than what he says.

I've discovered that if I have too much gear, I won't do much shooting. Deciding which body, and which lens to go with on a certain day can be somewhat daunting when you have more than 3-4 choices, body-wise.