I've used all of them, but eventually sold my Componon S lenses because the Rodagons seem a little
sharper, and what El Nikkors I've used have been excellent too (at least in large format lengths -
there are some so-so cheap ones in the smaller sizes). I have a lot of enlarging lenses because I do
so many nitpicky darkroom things. Sometimes contrast or MTF can be just too much and pick up some blemsish or subtle AN glass texture I don't want to show through. Or I might use one kind of
lens for black and white negs and another for color work, or yet another for very critical dupe or
interneg production. I have never used the "HM" Apo-Componons. Optically, the very best lenses I
use are Apo Nikkor process lenses, but they're quite a bit slower than typical enlarging lenses per se.