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I found this old thread where you guys discussed Pinacyanol salts.


I'm very interested in pinacyanol chloride now; $70/gram for a red sensitizer; is this the route to an affordable panchromatic emulsion?

Coupled with erythrosine... I wonder how good it could get...
If all goes well I should have answers to the above in a week or two. I'm about to start in on pinacyanol Cl and pinaflavol experimentation. I am hopelessly corrupted by a scientific education, so I tend to be fairly structured and methodical about these things. My test tree for this one is particularly wide at the top (i.e. an end-product panchromatic emulsion might be a bit out, give or take luck) but I should know a lot more soon than I do today. I'll post on The Light Farm, of course, but also here if there is any interest. Bill and Jason are the only people I know who are actively working on emulsions right now.

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I'm starting from "X2Ag". If I get fog, I'll next try leaving off the gold sensitization step.