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My novel The Zorki Chronicles, about a young photographer, is coming out in September 2012. The first two chapters are available to preview on the book's website, (Please visit the website and if it looks interesting please re-post the URL on Facebook and share with anyone you think might be interested)

AG: The International Journal of Photographic Art and Practice ran a feature article I wrote about Larry Fink in 2010 called Full Circle Apollo: Larry Fink Goes Digital at the Met. If you are familiar with Larry's book Night at the Met, my article is the "making of" story of that shoot. The article is a chapter in a book-length bio of Fink I'm currently working on, called Larry Fink: The Intuitive Eye.

Crash Burn Love: Demolition Derby (Back Street Books 2005), a monograph of 80 black and white photos and two essays, is still in print and available on Amazon and a lot of other places online.

PBS Point of View published excerpts of my Crash Burn Love essays on their website, under the title The Family That Demos Together.

BBC Top Gear also published a 16 picture excerpt from the book and called it 'Goin' For Broke.' I don't think that's available online.

Other stuff about CBL was featured in the UK in a magazine called CLASSIC AMERICAN and there was a feature article about it in the Daily Telegraph.

Picturing the Modern Amazon (Rizzoli, 2001) includes some bodybuilding photographs I did on my 6 year project, The New Body Electric.

"Bodybuilding Lowenburg Style" is a chapter about my bodybuilding photography (I'm NOT a bodybuilder) in Leslie Heywood's book Bodymakers (Rutgers University Press 1998)

I was also a researcher on the authorized biography of Norman Mailer by Michael Lennon, to be published in 2013 (possibly 2014) by Simon and Schuster.

In addition to writing about photography I also write about boxing and profile other writers, as in my article "Hooking Off the Jab: Norman Mailer, Ernest Hemingway, and Boxing." (Mailer Review 2010)

Boxing photographs I took in Rahway State Penitentiary were published in ARENA (UK).


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you're interested in any of these topics!

Thanks again for the opportunity to share.