I was in a group show with CS at the New Museum in 2000 (A nice large-format catalog of it is still in print I think:Picturing the Modern Amazon, Rizzoli). At that time she was working mainly in 3D, creating sculptures that are similar to some of the grotesque prosthetic pieces that can be seen in some of her photographs. Though I didn't like the 3D work, I think it would have been interesting if she had created more of it and allowed it to evolve. I haven't found the evolution of her photography to be too interesting except in the sense that it's totally American. Maybe that's what she'll be remembered for a century or two from now.

It's also possible that I can't appreciate her work or it's significance because I'm not a woman. I know she is important to many women artists -- who can't stand her work--because of what she's accomplished. Cindy, among others, has succeeded in getting the art world to take a woman artist seriously. We kind of take that for granted these days, but 30 years ago things were very different. So I believe it's important to recognize her for the inspiration she's provided to other women photographers.