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I am a digital EOS user wanting to get into film. After thinking about a rangefinder, it hit me that I already have a nice collection of EF lens so why not buy an EOS. Then looking around it seems the nicer ones are very cheap these days (sub $100)

For an easy transition into film which would you suggest? It seems like the EOS-3 and the ELAN 7NE have semi modern focus and metering; and available in almost unused shape. Any suggestions on a particular model or something to look out for I might be missing?

I wouldn't say the EOS3 has "semi-modern" metering and focusing, this camear has all that is needed (and more) for technically perfect photography. If you can get an EOS3 (but I doubt $100 is enough) then I'd recommend getting one. I've had one for about 10 years, and it's a really great camera. The "booster" (PBE2 grip) makes it a huge beast, but the ergonomics are great with thsi combination, if you're not afraid of the weight.