Ah you guys are right. I was quoting prices I found of the Elan 7NE (EOS 30V). I only said semi-modern because I noticed it didn't have E-TTL II like the Elan 7NE (don't care, won't use my flash) Still looks like under 200 bucks on eBay.

I have never shot a roll of film but have had much experience (amateur) with DSLRs. Both of these will have a better viewfinder, and similar shutter durability I assume. What about the film advance durability, and metering of the cheaper Elan 7NE? They made them more recently, so I might find an example in nicer or even new condition.

Should I just get the EOS-3 considering it cost 5% or less than the 5D-III I have been lusting after? I think the sooner I get a body the better because the cash isn't significant and I have much to learn about film types.