Lomography just started producing 110 film cartridges, which it calls Orca. The film is 100 ASA B&W. This intrigued me so I bought on eBay a Pentax Auto 110 and three lenses. My question is about how the camera (which offers no manual adjustments) will set ASA. I found this on a miniature-camera site:

"Accurate ASA Film settings are a bit of a problem with Pentax 110's (and many other 110's). Both the Auto 110 and the Super had the necessary activating pin to be set for either ASA 80 film or ASA 400. The problem is that today, the only emulsions still available are colour negative 200 and 400, and most film cartridges seem to be indexed for the lower speed film. If you are shooting with 400 film and the camera thinks its 80, you get an automatic 2 1/3 stop overexposure on a very small negative."

Well for the Orca film, the lower ASA setting is what is needed (80 is close enough to 100 and if I ever find a developing reel that will take 110 film I can adjust negative density with developing time). I wonder, though, whether the Orca cartridge will in fact trigger the camera's lower ASA setting. Anyone know? Here's hoping.