See the photos I submitted 6/18 in my gallery. I used a Minolta Weathermatic A for some photos and then transfered the film to an Agfamatic 2000. The Minolta triggers off the cartridge and seemed to work well.
I use Microphen developer, which is not listed in Lomgraphys information, so I reduced the time from ID-11 which is listed. I developed for 6.5 min., and have decided that's a little too much. The negatives are a bit dense and contrasty. I will probably try 5.5 to 6.0 min. next time.
The film seems pretty nice - fine grain and good gradiation. I didn't get much fogging at the end as the film was quite long and protected itself pretty well. I do hope they put paper backing on the next batch as logging your exposures is a pain.
I had a couple of SS 16mm reels, and so was ready to process.
I'm having fun using 110 again. I do use Minox some too. I'm glad to see the return of 110 film, as all the available color is out of date, although I have good luck with what I have gotten from The Frugal Photographer. I hope Adox will get their 100 out soon, although with the situation in Europe, they may still be a while. If Germany has to bail out the rest of the EU ...