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See the photos I submitted 6/18 in my gallery. I used a Minolta Weathermatic A for some photos and then transfered the film to an Agfamatic 2000. The Minolta triggers off the cartridge and seemed to work well.
I use Microphen developer, which is not listed in Lomgraphys information, so I reduced the time from ID-11 which is listed. I developed for 6.5 min., and have decided that's a little too much. The negatives are a bit dense and contrasty. I will probably try 5.5 to 6.0 min. next time.
The film seems pretty nice - fine grain and good gradiation. I didn't get much fogging at the end as the film was quite long and protected itself pretty well. I do hope they put paper backing on the next batch as logging your exposures is a pain.
I had a couple of SS 16mm reels, and so was ready to process.
I'm having fun using 110 again. I do use Minox some too. I'm glad to see the return of 110 film, as all the available color is out of date, although I have good luck with what I have gotten from The Frugal Photographer. I hope Adox will get their 100 out soon, although with the situation in Europe, they may still be a while. If Germany has to bail out the rest of the EU ...
This is all nice, thanks, but does not comment on my question, which is whether the cartridge will push in the pin for slower shutter speeds.