Some of you might be aware of my publishing imprint, North Light Press, and the series of books I am doing called the "11+1 Signature Series" I wanted to mention that book #6 in the series is our own Marianne Priest's "The Longing". Like all of the 11+1 series, it contains a beautiful little lith print made by Marianne's own hand.

I've been trying to time everything so that the book would be released for Photostock, but delays were making that seem like an impossible task. However, I am happy to report that I received an advanced copy yesterday and the printer has specially shipped some copies to the Birchwood as well so that we at Photostock will be the first to see the book.

Unfortunately, as Marianne has mentioned in this thread, she will not be staying with us this year for personal reasons, but she did mention to me that she may drive up to spend part of Friday with us. If so, she will be able to sign and number the copies we receive and they will be available for anyone interested to take home. If she is unable to make it, you will be able to have a copy held for you and shipped when she is able to sign the complete edition of 100 books.

Here's to Marianne and a beautiful book!!! Congratulations! I'm honored to have it as part of the collection and can't thank her enough for being a part of the project.

Our thoughts are with you and your family, Marianne!!!