I would like to try Ralph's testing procedure, described in the 2nd edition of Way Beyond Monochrome, pages 217-224. I am not sure what is the best/sensible/easy way to photograph a Stouffer transmission target for this test. I will be using my 4x5 camera, in what is likely to be a 1:1 scale, or close to it.

Ralf suggests using a slide duplicator (I don't have one), or placing the target on a light table. However he also suggests using the type of light that one normally uses for their photography. Most of my photography is landscape, so I suppose I should use daylight and not the CFL light of my light table. I guess I would need to construct a temporary light table from some milky plexi, and perhaps a reflective white sheet behind it, hoping for a cloudy day (well, in Ireland this one is pretty much guaranteed, it seems, except for today). The target would be placed on this plexi, and then I would have to shield the contraption, somehow, from any reflected light, so that it was functioning as a transmission tablet.

Is that a correct way to approach it? Could I simplify somehow? Is this what others have done, who have attempted his testing procedure? I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

Many thanks,