Hi there,

What I posted is probably overkill for a straight / square bellows but is handy for tapered / odds sizes. Making it up in paper will show everything, like what happens when you the spray contact cement and everything sticks to everything. Thats why I started doing it in a block, I'm a klutz.

Thanks for the link, everyone should check it out.

"Is this the same method shown on Doug Bardell's bellows-making page?"

Exactly, almost.
1) it cuts better on a white plastic 'poly' cutting board. Glass kills the blades and masonite is messy.
2) the 2 blades cut cleaner. When you cut the first pass with 1 blade, the paper get 'loose' and the second cut is a pain. It is very easy to modify the knife to hold the 3 blades.
{cut from the top ALMOST to the bottom, then cut from the bottom to meet. It TOO easy to overcut in 1 pass}
3) I make the ribs with the end 'triangles' on the ribs, his version looks a little loose in the corners but probably folds down even smaller.

The only problem I have found with making bellows is finding the outer skin fabric. That and not doing it sooner. It is much easier if you have the original bellows for the measurements but there is no rocket science here, children were doing this a century ago. Like Nike said, "Just Do It"

Good luck with it, all.