Thank you for the answer. They also charge more for black and white, which is a little strange to me. Traveling to the next city, I can get the same or slightly better results for about 80 cents less per print. They both use the same company, CEWE, to process their prints, though. For lower contrast shots, like portraits, they do good work. The results I've been getting in my negatives seem quite nice, especially when viewed through a loupe, where the detail can be seen and sharpness checked. While they are of a higher contrast, the full range is there in the negative.

The sad thing is there are no darkrooms around my area, and the only room I have that could be remotely useful is only 4 feet wide by about 8 feet deep. It's populated by a sink, toilet, and cabinet.

I've used Kodak's BW400CN and Ilford's XP-2 super. Both are decent. I actually tried the XP-2 in traditional chemicals and achieved some nice results. Slightly off the mark, but with an old time feel about them. Again, my thanks for the time and answer! I think I'll try to keep to what I've been doing and work on creating my own darkroom.