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Thank you for the advice. Using Ultrafin Plus at 1+9 is half again the dilution of the maximum recommended 1+6, so too much decrease in development time will most likely be detrimental to the overall range of the image and feeling I wish to portray. I'm about to develop a roll with shot with a K2 yesterday at -15% time, using the rest of my procedures unchanged. The fields here are coming along nicely, so should give a nice scene when printed properly. Thanks again, as all the advice is a real help!
Yes. Just keep dialing it in where eventually you will have an ideal range for the paper and paper exposure system you have chosen. If -15% isn't enough, try -15% more. Keep working it, and eventually you will hit the sweet spot.

After you have found the sweet spot, you can also use longer agitation intervals if the content of your scenes is of high contrast. This will bring down highlight density while mid-tones develop normally, which is useful sometimes in high contrast lighting. For example, instead of agitating for 10s every minute, you can agitate for 10s every two or three minutes. The difference is less pronounced than when you decrease developing time, but agitation is definitely a tool which you should use to your advantage.