The 3 is a great camera. The 1V is just that bit more refined and the VF is as good as it gets on a AF camera, however given that you can buy 3 3s for the price of a 1V I wouldn't hesitate getting a 3. The AF is top notch, the viewfinder excellent and you can even use the latest screens for the 5D/1Ds on it. The only thing is that the 3 is quite loud as a camera but then again the motor drive noise it makes is probably the nicest.

The Elan 7/30V is also a great camera, it is very quiet, has a good size grip and viewfinder (nicer than crop digi cameras) and is well built. The AF is not as good as a 1V but it is smaller, lighter and costs nothing.

BTW, I've owned all the above cameras and currently have a 1V. If I had to swap a 1V for the Elan7 I would still be very happy.

All these cameras can use your EF lenses and any flashguns plus they can use all the old TTL flashes what can be had for nothing and are just as good with negative film. Given the price of a 30V I wouldn't bother with anything older. You may also want to consider that Canon will still service the 1V.