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PE , What is the molecular formula of 6,6 diethoxy 1,1 diethyl 2,4 dimethyl 2,4 carbocyanine iodide ?


It would take me a while to work out the structure, and I doubt if it would do anyone any good.

As for providing R/G/B sensitivity, we do have dyes already posted here that do the trick and so I have no concern about it being a problem. Except for the cost, these dyes are available.

Now, as to their working, some dyes work and some do not on any given emulson. I have 5 or 6 dyes that I tried and got 2 that work on all emulsions, but one is weak and the other sensitizes at a long green wavelength. Another one only works well on bromide emulsions as a green but works on bromo / iodide emulsions as either a red or green. This dye has been the subject of much discussion here.

So, I cannot answer your question about "solving the problem" until I did an experiment with at least 3 emulsions with each dye. You can see how time consuming and expensive that will be. I've already done the ones about, 6 or 7 dyes with 3 emulsions and have published the good results either here or in the book.