I'm getting a little "long in the tooth" these days and I've been thinking in recent years about all the negatives I've shot and all the prints I've made from those negatives over the past several decades. And there are still more negatives to print. It seems I'll never catch up. I can't count the times I've laid half awake in the morning when a forgotten shot I'd made years before suddenly surfaces to my consciousness. I jump up and make a quick note to print it. I've been lucky enough to sell many of my prints over the years to collectors and individuals wanting to add to the decor of their homes or offices. I have a closet full of boxes of prints that have never sold along with copies or editions of the prints that have. And my concern is what am I going to do with all with all these prints? Or more to the point - what's going to happen to them after I croak? My family and friends wouldn't have a clue what to do with them. There is a big dumpster in the parking lot that I'm more aware of every time I walk past. I try not to walk past. Is that the fate of the hours and years of darkroom slavery to the perfecting of the balances of blacks, grays and whites and almost always just getting close to perfect but not perfect? Some or most are of no value except to the realized fulfillment of an impulse re-created. They seem important to me and relevant to my life and very existence. They say 'I was here and I did this'. Other prints - the ones sold or gifted - seemed important to those people. So I'm curious and I wonder if some of you have had or are having these kind of thoughts. What's going to happen with your work?